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Surprise new Storage Business open in Knysna Central

StorageCentral, Knysnas first centrally situated storage facility will open for business in the Knysna Mall in November this year. The storage facility will offer 90 storage units of various sizes for short term rentals.

After lengthy negotiations with Old Mutual (owners of the Mall), agreement has been reached and a self storage site plan agreed  that will pave the way for a new Self Storage facility to be called “Storage Central” - right in the middle of Knysna.

Units sizes will range from half size parking’s, to full size parking’s, doubles as well as triple size units.

Each customer will have a security tag that will allow them monitored access to the storage facility and customers will hold the only key that will allow access to their unit, The entire storage facility will be monitored by CCTV which will link to the Mall’s central security system which is monitored 24 hours per day. Mall security guards will also routinely physically monitor the facility to ensure safety and security.

Accompanying StorageCentral’s storage facility, will be a fully equipped Packaging Material supply store. Although this store is designed to service the needs of Storage Central customers, - boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and locks will also available to the Knysna residents and businesses who might require packaging material for a move to other premises or another city.

As part of StorageCentral’s social responsibility program, there is also a drop-off zone for local charities.

Storage will offer a 15% discount early bird special to the first 20 customers that sign up. This discount will last for the duration of their contracts.

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